Mayuge mission, crusade and conference harvested souls

We held a crusade and a conference in Mayuge district located in the eastern part of Uganda of which it went on well very successfully despite the fact that we were faced by challenges. This crusade was planned for 3 months before; within this period we were preparing ourselves for it and soliciting funds together with the requirements. On 11th -12-2018 a team of 3 people; Pastor Malingha Patrick, Pastor Mulawa Emmanuel and Ocheno Vincent left for the crusade we went there before others coming.

On our departure it started raining in early morning at around 4:00 AM and it went on nonstop the whole day. We had nothing to do only to leave while raining because we had some things to accomplish as we moved on for the crusade among these was to repair a generator which we were going to use since the place we went had no electricity. Real we were showered on that day to the extent that everything we put on including the jackets were full of nothing but water. In this journey we used passenger vehicles and later on since the weather was unfavorable transport charges were high and even in some other places vehicles could not access those routes we ended up by boarding commercial motorcycles (bodabodas) for transporting us to the venue and it was too late in the evening at around 7:30pm we reached at around 10:00pm in the night very tired and shivering but we  thank God for all what happened on that day only to realize  it was God’s plan of testing us where our faith, obedience, hope among others are.

The following day on 12th-12-2018 we had to wake up and begin to see how the preparations were going on the ground; the available and missing requirements to be sorted among these were: accommodation, meals, transportation of machines (sound system), the locally made platform with timber and poles etc.

We first booked a vehicle which the owner resides in this place while we still had some days to come for the crusade to help us transport the sound system to and fro the venue and this person responded positively we negotiated the charges and were very contented, but when the day approached he again increased the charges almost doubling it to the extent that he even asked for advance of a half of the money that was bargained, and he was given. Unfortunately this person disappointed us on that day but we thank God that because it was his plan we were not even pleased with the charges he had told us so, after disappointing us he reimbursed the money. We waited for the one that we hired to bring the ministers to the venue of which it is the one we used at even lower costs than the other one. Here I learnt that God chooses and prepares things that are supposed to be used in his mission.

All people who travelled from different and distant places on that day to come for the mission arrived safely; others travelled from Kenya, Kampala, Jinja, Namayingo etc.

We thank God for collecting people from different areas who came for the mission (pastors, ministers of different gifts and callings, sound system operators and everybody who volunteered), we thank him also for the provisions he made of every kind, we thank him for every contribution that was made through his people; self-sacrifices, financial support, material support among others.

 The total number of all missioners who participated was about 22 both female and male.

We thank him for this mission because we really saw his hand and power moving in all the programs and activities that were held.

The gospel was preached at the open air crusade from 12th -15th /12/2018 so many people attended and were increasing day by day whereby at the last day people could not even like the crusade to end the way they were enjoying God’s presence.

An average of about 2,000 people were able to attend every day and about 150 souls averagely were able to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ as their savior all totaling to about 600 souls being harvested in this crusade, we praise him for this great harvest that was made.

We thank him for the conference, that people came from different  both neighboring and far churches to attend the meetings that took place from 13th -15th /12/2018.Different topics were taught by different ministers among the topics were; Unity in ministry, Leadership in ministry, How to be empowered in ministry, children involvement in ministry etc.

Deliverances took place in the lives of people, empowerment by the Holy Spirit, Healing, revival etc.

The average daily attendance for the conference was about 120 adults and 250 children totaling to 370 people.

We thank God for the Jesus Film Shows that were made in this mission for two days from 13th -14th/12/2018, people real enjoyed watching it, they were too many and eagerly attentively watched, their lives were touched on as they were seeing a live on the screen how Jesus ministered and what happened on him later they came to realize that truly God loved and had mercy unto us.

The average daily attendance for the two days for the Jesus film shows was about 2,000people.

We thank him for the children ministry in this mission, we enjoyed together with them the children activities of which consisted; sharing of the word of God, praising and worshiping God, praying, music/singing and dancing, testimonies, gifts for them, meals among others. Some of them surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ, the ones that were already in churches got encouragement.

The average daily attendance from 13th -15th /12/2018 was about 250 children, 50 averagely got saved every day, others did not and some of them were already in churches.

We thank God for the visits we made to some of the needy homes taking to them packages in their homes praying for them, counseling them and also for the testimonies they gave, among the gifts in the packages were; home basic needs and clothes.

We thank God for the provision of gifts which included; home basic needs and clothes that were given to the needy people who gathered on Sunday 16th /12/2018 at the host pastor’s home among included the sick, poor adults, children, widows etc.

We thank God for the provision of lunch we had with the entire church, believers and non believers, new converts etc ,who attended, it was interesting we enjoyed the meal together.

We are hopeful and it is our prayer that God continues to advance his ministry to fully serve and reach to those he planned to reach on, in the different areas of the world.

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