About Pastor Malingha Patrick

Patrick was born in Uganda in the District of Jinja, Busoga province,eastern Uganda on 14th /01/1974. Although making a nominal response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ whilst young, in his teens he chose togo his own way. In 2003 Patrick surrendered his life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Following his new birth, Patrick joined the local church where he was groomed and grew spiritually went on to plant churches in his home region ministering the Gospel with signs following.

In June 2009, Patrick moved to the far east of Uganda, where he first stayed for about 3 years under a local church preparing to plant a church in eastern Uganda in the Butaleja district .After establishing this church called church of Zoe family-Butaleja under the spiritual parenthood of Bishop Gerald Peter Mutebi. After being obedient for this it is when God gives him the vision and revelation of beginning a non-denominational ministry which will help his people to be prepared for the eternal life by not remaining and being focused on the single denominational church.

 Patrick has traveled to many countries, ministering in churches, conferences and crusades. Numerous people become Christians, with many people enjoying healing from sickness and bondage’s.

Patrick has reached in many countries, including Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia for the sake of ministry. With his obedience to the voice of the LORD, he ministers in churches, seminars, conferences and crusades, where God moves powerfully. People are impacted with the love of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit. He has a passion to help people experience a dynamic relationship with God,develop an intimacy with the Holy Spirit and move to new levels of faith. He mentors, encourages and empowers leaders. He ministers powerfully with signs following, building faith and inspiring hope.