Church Planting

Ministering to the body of Christ is one of our principle goals in ministry. There is no single way in which this is done. Ministering to the needs of a congregation might come in the form of preaching, teaching,or even prophetic or healing ministry — especially during revival meetings. People are also free to come forward as they will to be prayed over. When the Spirit is free to do as He wills, signs and wonders frequently accompany the preaching of the word. Our desire is to minister in whatever way God will lead.

Evangelism & Discipleship Training

Part of our goal is to train the body of Christ to better understand that Spirit led power evangelism is always productive, and that anyone can learn to share the Word without fear. As heralds of the Gospel, our dependence should always be on the convicting work of the Holy Spirit  and the ways He chooses to draw the lost unto salvation, which incorporates signs and wonders when He sees fit. Likewise,because there are no acceptable reasons why new converts should be left to themselves to fall back into sinful living, we teach churches how to avoid the shame of letting go of those precious souls God has harvested from sin and death.