We all are called to make disciples! 

Because evangelism without discipleship leads to disappointing results, the need for discipleship cannot be overstated.New believers must be discipled if their walks are to reflect Christ. When someone is willing to mentor a new Christian, he is demonstrating a church’s willingness to accept that individual and to incorporate him into the life of the Christian community. All it takes is a handful of mature believers willing to shape the lives of new disciples.

Realize that learning about our Lord and Savior from the study of the Bible is incredibly important and essential! They are the primary and best means for the church to disciple its people in God’s precepts so that people can learn and grow in their walk with Christ. All Christians who are serious about their faith should be discipled and or be in a good Bible study or a small group that is studying the Bible. Yet, most churches do not do this vital call!

 Training your Leaders and Congregation

Training is not just another word for discipleship. Discipleship places the emphases on our spiritual growth, learning the Word and the disciplines and doctrines of the faith, which is paramount for all Christians. Training is the growth and learning in the area of a task that needs to be accomplished in the church to further the kingdom of God, such as a programme, service or