Film Ministry

At Zoe New Hearts Creation Ministries International, our hearts are aligned with Jesus’ command to, “… go and make disciples of all nations …”(Matthew 28:19 NIV). Evangelism can take on many forms, but one outreach in some other areas of Uganda has proved to be especially effective: film evangelism. In a nation home to 1/6 of the world’s population, we have the ability to reach millions of unsaved people through film.

One of our mission partners in Uganda uses the “Jesus Christ” film translated into more than 6 different languages with all-Ugandan cast to introduce unsaved audiences to the glory of Jesus Christ.

We are so grateful for your help to raise funds to reach millions of souls with the good news. The cost to reach one person is not as too much costly!What an amazing gift to give at such a small cost and its impact for the Kingdom of God is eternal.

With your assistance, our mission teams in Uganda-Africa will be able to show the film at free events where invitations to receive Christ will be given.We invite you, our friends, to equip, send and share the Gospel and the “Jesus Christ” through Film Evangelism in Africa. Every donation you give will help reach many people with the love of our Savior. In a nation where millions live in poverty and spiritual darkness, the “Life of Christ” is truly a light of hope