Self sustaining Programmes

We do not know where life is going to take us. While we don’t have any plans to leave Africa for the foreseeable future we do believe it is important to develop programs that are able to sustain us in case there is a time that ever does happen.

A big proportion of the population in Africa, especially among the vulnerable groups,still remain functionally poor. The inability to access services has made it difficult for them to attain the minimum knowledge required to make any meaningful investment in Income Generating Activities (IGAs). Definitely they have to be helped out of this situation.

We conduct sensitisation programme on Income Generating Activities (IGAs) methods and practices to start up and/or improve upon the income generating activities (IGAs) output levels in there lives. 

This is carried out through the formation of IGAs groups among beneficiaries. We play an important role in mobilisation and sensitisation of the target people. A demonstration and multiplication centre has to be set up to act as a training centre for the beneficiaries. It will cover areas of poultry, piggery, appiery, zero grazing, hoticulture, other crops and vegetables among others.

It also trains such vulnerable groups in hand skills (artisan/ vocational) and business where by they  requires start up capital and tools.

The programme is a process-driven,locally prioritized program rather than a blue-print package.

Our main aim is“To empower the vulnerable groups economically through agricultural and vocational skills transformation“

The programme is intended to directly benefit the households with orphans, People with substantial disabilities, the elderly, single mothers, widows, and other vulnerable groups of the population.  The households where the target population lives  directly benefits from the trainings and sensitization programmes, education and communication materials, IGA inputs and other forms of advice as are provided.